Infrared asphalt repair (IRR) is a modern way to fix asphalt surfaces quickly and effectively. Using IRR extends the lifetime of use of these surfaces and lowers upkeep costs.

This new method uses infrared rays to heat the asphalt that is already there, making it possible to add new asphalt without destroying the structure of the sidewalk.

Below, you can learn more about its benefits and how it can be used. We will also know why it’s an excellent way to fix asphalt pavement cracks and other road maintenance problems.

Infrared Asphalt Repair: What Is It?

Infrared asphalt repair is a cutting-edge solution for asphalt repair that is gaining favor in a variety of applications across a variety of sectors.

By using infrared asphalt repair, a paving business can:

  • Raise or lower the ground near utility entrances and drain grates as needed
  • Level, flat, asphalt roads
  • Design visually appealing asphalt designs for use in commercial settings
  • Place rumble strips and speed bumps on roads and parking lots
  • Repair any pavement issues, such as potholes or cracks

Heating the Asphalt

Infrared road repair involves the use of specialized equipment that emits infrared radiation. Infrared heaters heat asphalt surfaces at specified wavelengths.

Thereafter the infrared rays penetrate the asphalt’s surface, raising its temperature to approximately 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This controlled heating process softens the asphalt, making it pliable and workable.

Cleaning the Repair Surface

Once the asphalt gets to the right temperature, the broken or worn-out part of the road can be fixed. The softened asphalt is then raked and leveled, ensuring a smooth surface for the subsequent repair process steps.

Adding Fresh Asphalt

At this point, additional fresh asphalt mix or rejuvenating agents can be added if required. These added agents enhance the durability and performance of the repaired section.

Compacting the Repaired Section

The next phase involves compaction, where specialized rollers compact the area. This compression procedure helps in the removal of air pockets and ensures good bonding between the old and new asphalt.

The compacted asphalt cools down and solidifies, creating a seamless patch that blends perfectly with the surrounding pavement.

Benefits of Infrared Asphalt Repair

There are many advantages to using infrared asphalt repair (IRR) for paving and road maintenance. IRR uses infrared rays to heat and revitalizes old asphalt, which results in the following:

  • Invisible repairs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Fewer traffic delays

Repairing and maintaining asphalt problems with IRR is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Low cost
  • Short repair time
  • Little environmental impact

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits:

IRR Is Cost-Effective

Infrared asphalt repair sticks out as less costly in comparison to other ways of repairing asphalt. IRR saves significant money on material and labor costs for road repair projects because it focuses only on the damaged areas and reuses some of the asphalt already there.

IRR Is Time-Efficient

One of the most notable benefits of infrared asphalt repair is the speed with which the job can be completed. The heating process makes it possible to carry out completely seamless repairs in a fraction of the time it takes to carry them out using conventional methods.

This results in fewer interruptions to the flow of traffic and less inconvenient situations for drivers and pedestrians.

IRR Is Environmentally Friendly

Infrared asphalt repair is a low-cost and eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt repair. IRR is less harmful to the environment because less material is used and wasted, and there is no need for complete pavement removal.

Recycling and reuse can reduce asphalt production’s carbon footprint by reducing the need for new raw materials. Using IRR helps contribute to sustainable practices and aligns with initiatives to lessen the building industry’s environmental impact.

Applications of Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared asphalt repair is a robust road maintenance technique with numerous uses. This novel technology provides efficient and effective solutions to various asphalt surface challenges.

IRR can perform dependable and long-lasting repairs for asphalt cracks or bothersome potholes. Understanding the uses of infrared asphalt repair allows you to make sound choices and select the best method for preserving safe and long-lasting road surfaces.

Let’s look at some popular IRR applications and how this technique can address specific asphalt maintenance issues.

Asphalt Pavement Cracks

Over time, asphalt pavements develop cracks due to factors such as the following:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Heavy traffic
  • Natural wear and tear

Infrared asphalt repair effectively addresses these cracks by heating the existing asphalt, which allows for seamless repair and prevents further deterioration.

Hazardous Potholes

Potholes are common road problems that can cause damage to vehicles and pose risks to road users. Infrared asphalt repair efficiently repairs potholes by heating the surrounding area. This creates a solid and durable bond with the new asphalt mix, creating a smooth surface.

Pooling Water

When the pavement’s surface is poorly graded, water pooling and drainage problems occur. Alternatively, when there are depressions or uneven areas that prevent proper water drainage. This can lead to various issues, such as the following:

  • Increased wear and tear
  • Accelerated pavement deterioration
  • Safety hazards

IRR can assist in preventing water from pooling by addressing the root causes that lead to its accumulation.

The process involves heating and softening the existing asphalt using infrared rays, allowing the repair crew to manipulate the asphalt and reshape the surface to ensure proper water drainage.

Rethinking Asphalt Maintenance!

Infrared asphalt repair is an efficient and cost-effective method for repairing asphalt surfaces. This innovative technique provides many benefits.

If you need professional commercial asphalt services, consider infrared asphalt repair as a reliable and sustainable solution.

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