Ensuring Each Business Is ADA Compliant

Every business serves the physically impaired and it is paramount that the correct standards are put in place to accommodate wheelchair accessibility.

One of ACI’s areas of expertise is ADA compliance. It can be a frustrating and expensive issue for property owners to navigate. Regulations vary substantially and it takes specialists in this area to truly understand what needs to be done to ensure that your property is ADA compliant.

Fortunately, ACI can guide you through the technical process and design solutions that are both compliant and cost effective. Some of the things you will want to consider are ensuring there are an appropriate number of handicapped stalls in your lot and that the existing stalls have the correct signage, paint markings and access aisles. The slope of the pavement, and the sidewalk ramps and paths will also need to meet standards.

This is why it is very important to select a company like ACI with extensive knowledge in ADA compliance. Our experts are trained and experienced and will customize a solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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ADA Improvements Projects

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