Protecting Your Asphalt Investment

We have all seen or driven on a parking lot, parkway, or roadway that was full of cracks and potholes that made it not only unsightly to look at, but also potentially hazardous. When it comes to maintaining and repairing asphalt, there are many factors to consider and it should be left to the professionals to handle.

Now in our 30th season, ACI has discovered the most efficient, affordable, and long-lasting techniques to help you make a great first impression, eliminate liability and save you money. This is one of the reasons we are the best in the Midwest.

Let us help you with a maintenance and repair plan that fits your budget.

Asphalt Paving, Maintenance & Repair Services includes:

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ACI’s removal and replacement asphalt paving services is one of the most durable applications and lasts for many years. Learn More

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Patching services at ACI is a cost-effective solution to maximize the life of your pavement. Learn More

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ACI’s sealcoating services are one of the most important steps to increasing your pavement’s lifespan. Learn More

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The crack sealing methods used by ACI provide a very effective first defense against pavement deterioration. Learn More

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The American Disabilities Act laws change often and ACI will ensure you are ADA compliant. Learn More

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ACI’s striping and pavement marking services will add visual appeal which indicates a high level of care of your property. Learn More

Asphalt Projects

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