Drainage Corrections

Proper parking lot drainage is crucial to extending the life of your pavement and ensuring safety. Investing in drainage infrastructure reduces risks of floods, improves surface water quality, protects public safety and enhances your property and the community.

ACI offers installation, repairs, and replacements of all storm drainage-type structures. We believe this type of work is extremely beneficial as water that reaches the subgrade compromises the integrity of the pavement, making it vulnerable to potholes, and even sinkholes, over time. Waiting to fix the problem can be very costly and hazardous.

Correctly installing a drainage system requires many technical components such as the parking lot slope, proper curbing, strategically placing drains and inlets, and/or adjusting the current drainage system.

Contact ACI for your drainage improvements needs and the experts will provide you with sustainable options that fit your budget.

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Site & Drainage Improvements Projects

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