Concrete Striping

Striping and pavement marking enhances the look and function of your pavement. It also controls the orderly flow of traffic and creates a sense of safety and organization for drivers and pedestrians.

Clearly visible parking lot striping can also help maximize your lot’s full parking capacity and ensure vehicles are properly parking. The color contrast of freshly painted stripes adds visual appeal and indicates a high level of care by the property owner.

ACI offers eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art technology to maximize the durability of your pavement markings and ensure they can withstand harsh weather, chemicals, daily usage and UV-rays for years to come.

Whether you need painted parking stalls, arrows, stop bars, traffic flow markings, speed bumps, handicapped striping, painted curbs, stenciled stall numbers or any other pavement markings, ACI’s experts will help with the layout and design.

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Concrete Striping Projects

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