Did you know the concrete restoration market is set to reach $26,414 million by 2030?

Concrete, despite its durability, can still be susceptible to damage over time. Shifting soil, natural wear and tear, and other factors can cause the surface to become uneven and ultimately lead to hazardous or unsightly conditions.

Attempting to repair the concrete by oneself can be a complex and potentially costly endeavor, as improper techniques can lead to further issues. However, there is a proven and reliable solution.

Polyjacking! Keep reading because in this guide we’ll look at what polyjacking is, how it works, and why it’s one of the best ways to fix your concrete problems once and for all!

What Is Polyjacking?

Polyjacking is an advanced solution to level uneven concrete surfaces. Unlike traditional cement-based products, this innovative process utilizes the lightweight power of advanced foam technology to fill any surface gaps with minimum intrusion and effort on your end.

Polyjacking is great because it helps keep water away from the repairs. The foam sets quickly, so it can be used to fix driveways and floors at both homes and businesses.

How Does Polyjacking Work?

Polyjacking is a cutting-edge technique for leveling concrete surfaces. This innovative process involves injecting a specialized foam mixture into carefully drilled holes, using a motorized applicator gun.

The foam mixture grows very quickly and makes the concrete even. It becomes a strong, waterproof layer that works better than traditional repairs. Traditional repairs need lots of digging and take more time.

Polyjacking is a better way to repair concrete than other ways. It causes less disruption to things near it and you won’t be able to tell when the repair is complete.

Benefits of Polyjacking

Now that you know what polyjacking is, let’s take a look at some of its benefits. They include:

Quick Repairs

Sick and tired of waiting on traditional repairs to get done? If so, you’re in luck! Polyjacking is an innovative solution that gets your project finished quickly without compromising results.

Forget about days-long disruptions – this process can be completed faster than ever before while still restoring the original quality of disrepair. Cracked driveways and uneven sidewalks will soon become a thing of the past with polyjacking by your side!

Don’t let procrastination hold up any more projects – say hello to efficient repair solutions today!

Cost Savings

In today’s economy, cost savings is on everyone’s mind. When it comes to repairing concrete, there are many methods to choose from, but polyjacking stands out as a cost-effective solution.

Polyjacking is a way to repair concrete that uses fewer materials and doesn’t need as many workers. It saves money compared to other methods. Choosing polyjacking means you can save money without giving up quality or speed.

Plus, who doesn’t love the sound of reducing costs and increasing savings?


Durability is key in any construction or repair project, and polyjacking delivers. By injecting high-grade polyurethane foam into problem areas of the foundation, you’ll get a lasting fix that requires no maintenance afterward!

The foam will get bigger and make the concrete level. This will make it more stable. You won’t need to worry about how long it lasts when you use this solution.

Easy Application

No more damage to your wallet or home! Thanks to the revolutionary new technique of polyjacking, restoring floors is easier and less invasive than ever.

Homeowners and businesses alike can enjoy a refurbished floor without breaking the bank – all that’s needed for smooth results are some innovative materials. Skipping expensive demolition means you’re back on track in no time with an even surface boasting maximum safety and beauty.


Concrete repair can be environmentally friendly with the help of polyjacking. This innovative solution uses a polyurethane foam that produces zero hazardous waste, making it safe for the environment.

Unlike traditional methods, polyjacking requires minimal resources, reducing the impact on the ecosystem. Water resources are spared, which is especially important in drought-prone areas where every drop counts.

By choosing an eco-friendly solution like polyjacking, you can repair your concrete while being mindful of our planet.

Quiet and Non-Invasive

Concrete repair with polyjacking is a quiet, non-invasive process. Unlike other methods that can be noisy, time-consuming, or create dust and debris, polyjacking is quick and efficient.

The materials are injected through small holes drilled into the concrete surface to fill in any voids underneath. This keeps dust and debris to a minimum and requires minimal clean-up.

Plus, the sounds created during the process are so low that they can barely be heard from inside your home! With polyjacking, you can continue your daily activities without disruption or interruption.

Landscaping Friendly

Jacking is great because it doesn’t hurt your yard. You don’t have to move any gardens or flower beds, because the holes are very small.

Plus, repairs are often completed in just a few hours so you won’t have to worry about any major damage to your beautiful outdoor space.

Polyjacking can help to make driveways and sidewalks level. It is a good way to make your business look better without spending too much money. You can keep your outside area the same but still have your foundation fixed.

Get Professional Help With Polyjacking

Concrete repair can be a costly and time-consuming process. However, with the innovative technique of polyjacking, you can efficiently and effectively level your concrete surfaces without breaking the bank.

If you need polyjacking or other concrete or asphalt services, contact ACI Asphalt & Concrete Inc today!

Our team offers reliable and cost-effective polyjacking services that restore stability and strength to your project for years to come. We are ready to answer your questions about polyjacking so don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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