It’s estimated that 20% to 30% of slip and fall accidents result in moderate to severe injuries. This can happen to anyone if they are walking on an uneven or slippery surface.

If you’re a commercial property manager, you need to consider concrete sidewalk leveling. This can be a great option when it comes to preventing accidents.

Sidewalks are made to sustain a great deal of wear and tear. But over time, they will start to deteriorate and become uneven or slumped.

Keep reading to find out why you need to consider having concrete sidewalk leveling done.

What Is Concrete Leveling?

There are a variety of ways businesses complete concrete sidewalk leveling. Most methods include injecting a leveling compound under the concrete sidewalk.

This helps to fill the void, keeping the sidewalk from sinking. It is a much more efficient option than removing the sidewalk and creating a new one.

It’s also more affordable for commercial property managers who are experiencing property damage.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling For Sidewalks

Sidewalk leveling may not be your top priority for your property, but the reality is that there are many reasons why concrete leveling is a necessity.

Here are some of the benefits that come with professional sidewalk leveling.

ADA Compliance

There are certain regulations commercial properties have to line up with. When it comes to sidewalks, you have to consider the Americans with disabilities act or the ADA.

This is a guideline that ensures surfaces are accessible for those with disabilities. One example of this is sidewalks, which they may need to use to get into the building.

The main regulation is that the sidewalk cannot have any vertical change over 1/4 of an inch. This includes a gap in the sidewalk or a lifted area.

If you are not following this guideline, you could be opening yourself up to a lawsuit. Someone could trip and fall, filing a claim for damages.

It is irresponsible not to address sidewalk issues when you start to notice them.

Prevents Accidents

Concrete surfaces withstand a great deal of wear and tear from traffic and the elements. As a commercial property manager, you have to keep up with maintenance.

Concrete sidewalks need to be in good condition and level at all times. If they aren’t, a gap or a lifted edge could cause someone to fall and injure themselves.

This is another instance where you are opening yourself up to a lawsuit. Commercial properties are liable for anyone injured on their property due to a lack of maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, this is a big part of your job as a property manager. When you start to notice concrete issues, this is never something you want to ignore.

Even the smallest crack in a sidewalk can gradually become something much worse. This is a sign that the structural integrity of the sidewalk has been compromised.

This can happen as the ground is settling or the concrete itself has been damaged. If you leave it as it is, this can result in much more costly repairs later on.

Improves Appearance

How a commercial property looks has a big impact on people. It will immediately look unprofessional if things like the sidewalks are not maintained.

Uneven and cracked sidewalks are unsightly and look run down. This is going to age the entire property, including the buildings, even if they are well-maintained.

Signs of a Sidewalk That Needs Leveling

It is not uncommon for a sidewalk to have some minimal damage. This is not automatically mean that you need concrete sidewalk leveling, but it is a good idea to know what signs to look for so that you can arrange to have this done.

Cracks and Separation

When a sidewalk starts to break apart, you need to pay attention. Visible cracks and gaps show that there is clearly a problem with soil movement.

This can lead to a separation of the sidewalk, creating a large crater. These are issues that can also be caused by route intrusion and other structural problems with the concrete.

You don’t want to wait too long before contacting a company like ACI Asphalt. This company can come out and level the concrete before it becomes worse.

Safety Complaints

If concrete sidewalks are deteriorating, people will start to take notice. You may start to receive complaints from people who use the sidewalks on the commercial property.

This is not something you want to ignore as it shows that there is a clear problem. People may be tripping or feel like it is unsafe to walk on the sidewalk.

Drainage Issues

There are instances where a sidewalk may not be even, but it doesn’t show damage. It may be sinking in areas, resulting in water pooling.

It is easy to brush this off, but water drainage problems are very important. This can start to deteriorate the concrete and create slippery areas.

The last thing you want is someone slipping in a water puddle or an area where there is algae growth.

Concrete Sidewalk Leveling: What You Need to Know

If you are a property manager, you need to consider concrete sidewalk leveling. This is necessary if sidewalks start to show signs of cracking or shifting.

Concrete leveling helps to reduce the risk of people falling and enjoying themselves. It also helps you prevent more costly issues from coming up later on.

Does your commercial property need concrete leveling? Contact us today at ACI Asphalt to request a quote.

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