Did you know that more than 1,600 businesses around the United States work to manufacture the asphalt we depend on? These businesses employ almost 29,000 people. Asphalt milling is one of the big reasons we need such a large asphalt manufacturing industry. As you learn more about the benefits of asphalt milling, you will appreciate for yourself why so many people consider it to be the right choice for them.

On the other hand, many people still don’t even know what asphalt milling is. Others have heard about it but do not realize how many benefits it can provide. Read on to learn all about the top benefits of using asphalt milling for your road maintenance needs!

What Is Asphalt Milling?

Some people also call asphalt milling cold milling. In many ways, it is similar to concrete milling. Both kinds of road millings involve removing the top layer from a road or similar surface.

This is a top choice for commercial paving companies because it allows them to create smooth surfaces without having to create a whole new road from scratch.

Asphalt milling is a powerful way to deal with the tendency of many roads to develop bumps, cracks, and other irregularities. Left alone for long enough, these kinds of imperfections can cause a road to become unsightly as well as unusable. On the other hand, replacing the whole road can be expensive while filling in the occasional crack can be less effective.

In contrast, asphalt milling can help restore a road to a pristine appearance and function while requiring very little time.

The Benefits of Asphalt Milling

Works on a Variety of Surfaces

One of the great things about asphalt milling is that it works on a wide variety of surfaces. Many people first think about using this process for asphalt gravel roads. Although it is great for that purpose, you can also schedule asphalt milling for your parking lot, your driveway, or your sidewalk.

So how can you know if asphalt milling might be a viable choice for your surface? If your surface has surface damage but is otherwise in decent condition, asphalt milling can be the perfect choice.

Asphalt milling services grind up the entire top layer of asphalt surfaces. By grinding up the irregular layer on top, the smooth layers underneath are revealed.

In some cases, that can be enough to allow your surface to function for the time being. However, in many cases, the asphalt milling process is completed by laying down a new layer of fresh asphalt on top.

Fixes Cracks

Following the right paving tips is essential if you want to enjoy a smooth road or other surface. However, even the best road will tend to develop cracks as it’s exposed to the elements and stresses of being driven or walked on. When that happens, it might be time to call asphalt milling services to help you.

It is often better to address cracks in your road or other surface when they are small. The longer you wait, the deeper this kind of damage will become.

That can require your asphalt milling services to remove thicker layers off the top of your surface. If there is significant damage throughout all of the layers of your road, you might need to replace it rather than simply repair it.

Environmentally Friendly

One great benefit of asphalt milling processes is that they are environmentally friendly in many ways.

As your asphalt milling services remove your top layer of asphalt, they will also collect it. They might end up using it to lay down a fresh layer of asphalt on your surface. If not, they will end up recycling it and using it in future pavement projects.

On top of that, asphalt milling is a relatively simple process. As a result, it does not consume as much energy as many alternatives. It also avoids creating smoke, helping to avoid pollution and keep the air clean.

As more people become concerned about environmental consciousness, asphalt milling is becoming an even more attractive option.


Other people love asphalt milling because it is so efficient and affordable. Replacing an entire road doesn’t just create a lot of wasted material and consume a lot of energy, it also costs more money. Trying to fix the cracks on your surface can be cheaper in the short term, but the time will still come when you will need to repair or restore the entire road.

At that time, there’s a good chance that asphalt milling will be the most affordable option available to you by a significant margin.

Smoothes Out Surfaces

As a general rule, asphalt milling will remove 2 inches or more of asphalt off the top of your surface. Those two inches of your surface will have received the vast majority of damage from erosion and stress. Removing them will reveal a smooth surface underneath.

If you follow up by laying down a new layer of asphalt, it will be as if you had installed a brand-new road. The same basic principle applies to sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

In each case, driving or walking on these surfaces will be much more pleasant. It can even be safer, diminishing the chance that people slip and fall or trip over an unexpected irregularity.

Get Fast Results

As you might imagine, it is much faster to use asphalt milling than to replace an entire road. That means that you will be able to use your surface again quickly, cutting down on the inconvenience of restoring your surface.

Enjoy the Road Maintenance Benefits of Asphalt Milling

Many people are intrigued when they first hear about the possibility of asphalt milling. We hope you now have a clear understanding of why asphalt milling is such a popular choice. In many cases, it is the best way to keep time and capital investments low while providing excellent results.

Ready to have your roads, driveways, and parking lots looking their best? Contact us here to find out more about how you can find the best asphalt milling services for your needs!

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