Remodeling Houses Plano Tx

Hatcher Building and Construction has been remodeling houses in Plano, TX for almost 30 years and has been a Better Business Bureau member since 1990. We proudly boast an A+ rating with the BBB (see for yourself:, which goes to show that we take care of our clients. When people need their houses remodeled in Plano, TX, more of your neighbors trust Hatcher Building and Construction, and you can too!

Talk is Cheap When it Comes to Remodeling Houses

With roughly three decades under our belts and thousands of satisfied clients, we could easily boast about the many aspects of our company that stand out from our competitors. However, at Hatcher Building and Construction, we know that talk is cheap. Anyone can pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining, but people tend to believe what they can see more than what they’re told. That is why we invite you to look us up on social media and online review sites. Feel free to call us for a list of professional references from recent jobs as well as older jobs. You will see a long history of honest hard work by us.

We Believe in Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency

Since trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, be it professional or personal, Hatcher Building and Construction values our clients’ trust more than their money or anything else, and that is why we have had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since the early ’90s. Operating with integrity at all times is our number one priority and expectation for all of our employees from top to bottom of our company. Integrity in the workplace means doing the right thing when no one is looking.

Having been in business longer than many of our clients have been alive, you could imagine that we have made some mistakes along the way. No business could exist for 30 years and not have made mistakes. The difference between Hatcher Building and Construction and other home remodeling contractors is that when we make mistakes, we do the right thing. We don’t try to hide it from the client. We don’t charge the client more money. We tell the client, we fix the problem, and if there’s any additional cost, we’ll pay for it out of our own pockets. Our commitment to doing what’s right at all times is why we still get most of our jobs by word of mouth.

Get a Free In-Home Quote Today

If you are looking for a local contractor who does an excellent job at remodeling houses in Plano, TX, then you’re in the right place now! You’re in good hands with Hatcher Building and Construction. We do great work, and we offer honest and transparent pricing. Call us today for an in-home consultation, and we’ll give you an accurate quote with no hidden fees. What we quote is what you pay. If we encounter any unexpected expenses beyond what we quote you, we’ll pay the difference out of our pocket.

Remodeling Houses Plano Tx