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ACI Asphalt & Concrete Wins National Contractor of the Year Award

The Minnesota-based contractor receives the distinguished honor from Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine

February 16th, 2021 -Today, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine announced the 2021 Pavement Award Winners, giving ACI Asphalt & Concrete top honors with the 2021 Contractor of the Year Award.

The Contractor of the Year award is presented annually to a paving or pavement maintenance company that demonstrates consistently high job quality, represents the company and the industry professionally, and operates with the business acumen that results in a profitable, well-respected and successful contracting business. ACI possesses all these qualities and more.

“ACI Asphalt & Concrete has gone above and beyond as a company to move the paving and pavement maintenance industry forward and have done so in a way that inspires other companies in the industry as well,” Jessica Lombardo, Editor-In-Chief of Pavement Magazine says. “ACI is dedicated to professionalism, pursuit of excellence with their customers and the adoption of technology. These are just a few of the reasons why the Pavement staff and Pavement Advisory Board chose ACI as the 2021 Contractor of the Year and we are honored to give Jim Bebo and his crew this award for their commitment to excellence in our industry.”

When company owner Jim Bebo started ACI in 1993 he did not own any equipment and survived by getting his general contractor’s license and focused not only on selling asphalt, but roofing, remodeling, and real estate, and he hired out subcontractors to get the work done.

Over the years, Bebo adapted his business several times, not only to suit the needs of his customers, but to ensure his business was operating efficiently to be successful. Each change has brought the company to where it is today.

The full-service paving contractor specializes in a broad array of services from pavement sealing and patching expanding all the way to milling and re-paving. They serve a wide variety of property types from small park trails to large shopping centers and everything in between. With a staff of 100+ professionals, ACI takes great pride in the strength of their values and company mission to retain dedicated and skilled staff.

“This award is really a testament to our team, they’re the ones that make it happen for the clients and do the work that needs to be done for our clients the right way,” Bebo says. “This award gives our employees a source of pride in their work.”

Giving Back to the Industry

Bebo attributes part of his success to the education he gained from industry events like the National Pavement Expo and the relationships he made throughout the years with other contractors.

“It’s really neat to be recognized by an industry that I’ve been in my whole adult life,” he says. “It’s very humbling, I can say that.”

Bebo is an alumni of the Pavement advisory board and was a regular speaker at the National Pavement Expo. He used both platforms to help share his experiences with the next generation of workers who he hopes will continue to shape our industry through example.

“You have to give back,” he says. “I was fortunate enough when I first started out to have a lot of amazing mentors. Some of them are in the Hall of Fame already and have been Contractor of the Year in the past as well. It’s our duty to give back and help those younger guys. I love seeing their passion for an industry that’s provided so much for me and for all the past and current employees of ACI.”

As the nationally recognized Contractor of the Year, ACI Asphalt & Concrete continues to set themselves above the competition and hopes to bring their award-winning services to future customers.

“Our existing clients know the quality of service we provide and the value we bring. We hope this award will solidify our standings with them,” Bebo says. “This designation will also open a few more doors for us to continue to grow and give us additional opportunities to earn the business of new customers in the future.”

And ACI has no intention of slowing down.

“The quality of our people, our investment in our equipment fleet, the quality of the work we do and the way we approach our business, and our customers, all attributed to this success and I couldn’t be happier with our company earning this award.”


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