Mosquito Control Solutions Rowlett

At Safe Earth Pest Control, we offer residential and commercial pest control from ants, cockroaches, fleas, mice, and rats. Our Mosquito control solutions in Rowlett are 100% pet safe and can shield your family from diseases like Zika, Malaria, Dengue, and yellow fever.

Can you spray your yard for mosquitoes?

Although you could use store-bought mosquito sprays to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard and home, it may not offer a permanent solution to your problem. Mosquito sprays only eliminate adult mosquitoes and rarely do they have an impact on larvae, pupa, and eggs.

We follow a series of carefully planned steps that are carried on for 3-4 days to kill the insects in different stages of its growth. Our portable backpack mister will cover your Rowlett yard with a fine mist that kills the eggs, larvae, pupa, and the adult mosquitos. All this without causing harm to your plants, pets, and kids. For the best mosquito control solutions in Rowlett, call us to schedule a home assessment.

Health hazards of mosquito bites

Mosquitos feed on human blood for sustenance, which causes skin irritation and swelling in human beings. That is not all; mosquitos can transmit harmful and fatal diseases like Zika virus, encephalitis, malaria, and much more. Mosquito bites can compromise your health and cause serious illnesses. Some of the health hazards include:

  • West Nile Virus – People affected by this virus do not suffer from any symptoms; however, a tiny percentage of the affected experience flu-like symptoms. Mosquito bites cause this condition leading to severe fatigue for several months. In severe cases, the disease leads to brain swelling and meningitis in patients.
  • Yellow fever – Most countries require travelers to get vaccines for yellow fever. The condition shows up with slight flu-like symptoms and sometimes fever. Although this condition is easily treatable with rest and medication, you could feel weak for several weeks. In severe cases, patients suffer from high fever, bleeding, and jaundice, leading to liver and kidney failure.
  • Malaria – Malaria spreads from the bite of Anopheles Mosquitoes and is a life-threatening disease. A 2017 survey on the number of deaths caused by Malaria reveals that a total of 435000 individuals lost their lives to this disease. The initial symptoms of the condition include headaches, chills, and fever. The condition is curable with proper medical help.

Should I spray for mosquitoes?

It is best not to use store-bought sprays to eliminate mosquitos. Instead, taking adequate measures to stop the mosquito from breeding can combat the issue more effectively. Check your property for stagnant waters and keep those areas dry by excavating the water.

Clean your gutters frequently keeping them free from clogs and debris. For trees with rotted areas, fill those areas with mortar where water can accumulate. Get in touch with us for inexpensive mosquito control solutions in Rowlett to disinfect your property insect-free. At Safe Earth Pest Control, we also offer lawn care treatment services to keep your lawns free from pests, weeds, and diseases. Call us to learn more!

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Mosquito Control Solutions Rowlett