How to Save Money by Maintaining Your Parking Lot

Prevention is the key to saving money on parking lot maintenance.  Generally, sealcoating should be carried out every three years to provide effective pavement protection as well as curb appeal for your commercial property. Again, being proactive is the key to success.  The longer you wait, the more you will have to pay for parking lot maintenance. In addition, repairs can cost thousands of dollars when potholes or other significant damages occur. 

Quality of Pavement Sealer

An application of a sealcoat is directly affected by the quality of the pavement sealer used. Durability will be compromised if the sealer is a low solids material. You should specify pavement sealant from a reputable manufacturer.

The amount of sealer applied per coat is just as important as the number of coats applied. For successful results, application rates and coverage rates must follow manufacturer recommendations.

High Traffic Parking Lots

A sealcoat’s lifetime can also be affected by the amount of traffic it receives daily. Sealers that are exposed to high traffic volumes will wear out faster. Generally, a second coat of sealer is recommended in high-traffic areas.

Weather conditions in harsh winter regions accelerate sealcoat wear. Moisture levels, freeze/thaw cycles, and snow plowing are just a few of the factors that can affect sealer longevity.

Water is the biggest enemy of a long-lasting parking lot. Consider installing concrete swales and flow lines to extend the life of your lot. Additionally, fix any irrigation problems as soon as possible! Sprinklers that are damaged or incorrectly installed can wreak havoc on your parking lot and sidewalks. Finally, make sure you watch standing water or puddles for signs of deep cracks before they appear on the surface.

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Published On: July 22, 2021By Categories: ACI Asphalt