Drill Press Attachment

Drill Press Attachment

The versatility of a drill press makes it one of the best tools to have in a shop. You might have the standard drill attachments for your needs, but there are many more that extend the capabilities of your drill. The different potential attachments expand drilling jobs and offer assistance with more unique drilling activities your shop may face. These are some of the assorted accessories presently available.

Digging Drill Bit

This drill bit is perfect for creating small holes. It has four or six-inch diameters and creates round holes with flat bottoms for easy seedling planting.

Scrubbing Pads

They are designed to assist with cleaning tasks and smoothing out rough edges. The attachments come in varying degrees of coarseness. Two are soft, and two have regular hardness to handle stains, dirt, and grime easily.

Scrubbing Brush

For deep cleaning tasks, the scrubbing brush attachments work well. They have a configuration of a flat brush or corner edge brush, and the attachment is suitable for tough cleaning jobs.

Drill Guide

The DrillMate adds accuracy to automated drilling tasks. With its adjustable height sturdy self-centering base, this attachment ensures that your holes are accurate, regardless of whether straight or angled. This drill guide offers maximum support to give you confidence when drilling through the hardest types of wood.

Angle Adapter

Even the best state-of-the-art driller cannot work in tight spaces without proper attachments. Use an angle attachment to get into tight nooks to overcome the challenge. Its magnetic base offers easy attachment, is suitable for impact drivers and drills, and has a small footprint of just 1.5 inches to get as close as possible.

Flexible Bit Holder

The flexible shaft bit holder gives you access to difficult-to-reach places. The flexibility of up to ninety degrees improves your ability to work in awkward angles. It is magnetic and does not rotate while in use.

Self-Centering Drill Bits

Unlike an integrated auto driller with a consistent drill path, many hand-held drills depend on the strength and skill of their user. The work is made easier using self-centering drill bits to ensure perfect drilling. They load and release quickly and are interchangeable without prior re-chucking.

Socket Drivers

Turning bolts or nuts using a wrench is strenuous and impossible to tighten without maximum leverage. A socket driver attachment quickens the process. A standard set comes with a hex shank and interchangeable chucks.

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Drill Press Attachment


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