Arlington Heights Roofing

Roofing is a fundamental process for the construction of new homes and home renovations. So many roofing services in Arlington Heights exist, but you need the best. Their character is essential as the quality they offer. Working as general builders and specifically roofing has helped us acquire relevant skills needed to work on different roof works professionally. We offer a variety of roofing services. 

Roof installation

We offer this primary service to our clients. We undertake numerous Projects that may include remodeling of existing houses and new buildings. As a trusted roofing company, we offer various options and work alongside our clients to ensure success in the project. We offer top-quality materials and finishes such as roof tiles or asphalt shingles. We assist our clients in designing through our creativity and experience. In addition, we provide our clients with detailed estimates, guarantees, and workflow before we embark on any installation. Our knowledge of systematic installation enables us to produce a firm, beautiful and functional roof that is in harmony with the architects' design.


This service includes the complete renovation of the whole roof, which includes replacing damaged or old materials with a durable product. We will complete your roof restoration with efficiency, quality material, and expertise.


Roof repairs target a specific place. This includes the restoration of various faults on the roof. These include changing rotten roof beams, sealing holes, or replacing broken and worn-out tiles. We take great care while repairing to avoid more damages. For instance, we use lifts in place of ladders since roofs under repair are weak.

Emergency roof repair

Nature can rain havoc leading to unfortunate consequences on your wall, roof, and gutters. For example, hail strikes might leave gaping holes in the roof, while fallen trees can cause your home to suffer large amounts of damage. In case of such emergencies, we have a specialized service whereby we provide prompt repair services and help you liaise with your insurance company.


Replacing a compromised roof or roof made with poor quality material is a huge undertaking. We ensure your replacement is easy and stress-free. Suppose you are not sure whether to replace the entire roof. Our  Arlington Heights roofing contractors will help you determine a practical solution to your roof system to help it withstand various designs and weather.

Cleaning and maintenance

Environmental debris such as leaves can accumulate on your roof, clogging the drains, hampering water flow. The hampering of water on the drain leads to build-up and can penetrate the building via the flashing. Adequately maintained roofs last longer. We help our clients extend the life of their roofs through affordable cleaning.


Gutters are an essential part of your exterior, and they need regular check-ups to ensure they are in good condition. A sound gutter system protects the exterior surfaces by preventing cracks on walls, which provide a way for water to get into the house. We offer a range of guttering services that include installation, repair, and cleaning. These services aim at keeping your interior dry and the exterior protected.


Siding, like gutters, protects the house exterior. We use a variety of materials to protect your house from harsh elements. Call us if you need a roofing and siding contractor in Arlington Heights.

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